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The Elements Of A Social Media Campaign

What’s it take to run a social media campaign? Do you know? Are you aware that you can’t just “wing it” or throw together a campaign overnight and hope it works?

There is a lot that goes into a social media campaign. You have to plan it. And if you plan it well, you stand the chance of drawing in new traffic to your website and engaging with customers off site before they ever decide to buy. That’s what you are hoping for anyway. And because social media has now become a major part of the way a lot of businesses are attracting new customers, developing those relationships off site is the way to go.

But what does it take to run a successful social media campaign?

We’ve identified some key areas of a successful business social media campaign. Pay attention to these elements and you should do fine in social media.

  • Your Profile – Your social media profile will be looked at by a lot of different people. Try to identify all the types of people who will read your profile and put something in your profile to appeal to each type of person.
  • Your Website Link – Some sites allow only one. Others give you multiple chances to drive new traffic somewhere. Identify the best sites to promote for each social media profile.
  • Your Branding – Make sure the design of your social media campaign is consistent with your company branding and message. Make sure visitors to your social media sites recognize the connection to your business and don’t develop your social media presence in a silo.
  • Content – It is best if you write your content up front. Instead of signing on each day and posting spur-of-the-moment type posts, pre-write your posts and schedule them at the best times. Always stay ahead of the game with your content.
  • Friends/Fans – Target the right people with every message. On some services you can send a message only to certain groups. On others you have to send a message to everyone. Think about what your fans and friends want. Don’t annoy them.
  • Time – Time is very important. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on social media to be effective, but you do have to plan your time. Make it count.

Before you start your next social media campaign, think about each of these elements and how you strategically plan to incorporate them.

Published on: February 5, 2013