A Bold Website Redesign

South Washington County Schools redeployed as a student-centered district with a new website, brand and logo: SoWashCo Schools. This public school district desired a more equitable, accessible, and modern website to amplify their core values: collaboration, relationships, equity, integrity, and continuous improvement. 

Developed in partnership with students, SoWashCo School’s new tagline of Be seen. Be heard. Be Bold. required a website that could highlight their student-centered focus while delivering consistent quality and functionality across all district schools.

Migrating their website to Finalsite provided better usability for all students, families and internal staff. The home page was developed with quick access links based on the most used items from current families. The new site unified pages and school programs in a mobile-first, accessible design.

national school public relations association publications and digital media excellence award 2022
sowashco schools website

Following the deployment of the website, Finalsite’s Messages tool ensures that content remains consistent throughout all schools— Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE). 

The website marries cohesive design and branding with Finalsite features that provide easy updates, focused content areas and consistent storytelling, in a modern and friendly format.

sowashco website mobile