New “Learning Hub” Microsite Enhances Family Communications for Stillwater Area Public Schools

When all schools in Minnesota went to distance learning in late 2020, Stillwater Area Public Schools realized that students and families needed a single source of information for COVID-related news and learning updates. CEL built a mobile-first microsite that pulled together everything the district needed to communicate, organizing information by school level and providing a COVID dashboard and resources for family support. The COVID dashboard features a decision tree in English and Spanish — embedded into the site from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — to help people know what to do if they’re experiencing symptoms. It also presents districtwide data related to positive cases and exposures.

stillwater learning hub homepage on laptop

In keeping with current internet trends, much of the microsite content follows a question/answer format, and rather than relying on PDFs, that information now also displays on the page itself. The instructions were rewritten as easily scannable, step-by-step processes. Instead of columns or big headers, panels of the content offer a fully responsive experience on all devices. Robust search functionality lets users quickly access the information they need.

technology assistance gif on stillwater schools

"CEL got us through this crazy time and delivered more than we could have ever expected."

carissa keister

The design and information structure of the microsite is consistent with new websites CEL developed for the district that are launching soon. A simplified menu structure at the top of the screen lets users quickly access content from anywhere on the site. The home page scrolls vertically and presents topics as visually distinct groups that are easy to scan and select.

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stillwater learning hub on iphones