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Tiger Woods’ PR Nightmare

tigerwoodsTiger Woods has created a PR nightmare for himself surrounding his recent car accident in his neighbor’s yard.  The odd thing is that he could have avoided it by simply speaking the truth, or at least part of it.

It’s no secret that Tiger has a hot temper reputation, so the public probably isn’t surprise by the incident.  He coud have avoided the negative press by owning up to the fact that he sped off in a rant, whatever the reason.  He could have acknowledged the fact that it was a dumb mistake and he was angry and wasn’t paying attention to his driving.  If it happened as a result of a domestic dispute, why not just admit it.  Couples fight.  End of story. But now, the media is dishing for dirt and asking tons of unanswered questions because they assume he’s hiding something and rumors of affairs and lost products endorsement are running amuck.

I realize that the media poking into their personal lives; dishing for dirt exhausts celebrities, but that’s in the job description and they know it going in, that it is the price of fame.

I hope Tiger’s public relations team steps in soon and strongly advises him to fess up before more damage is done.

~ Kari Logan

Published on: December 1, 2009