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The 2010 St. Louis Art Fair

From painted t-shirts to sculptures and murals, the 2010 St. Louis Art Fair (SLAF) was a great success for the artists, visitors, and event coordinators. There was an excellent turnout at the event this year, and Carol Scheer, Media Relations Specialist at C.E.L., gave us a closer perspective on some reasons why it was such a hit.

“Our media relations efforts were very effective through our skills in securing media attention,” said Carol. “Many visitors told SLAF artists that they came to the art fair because they saw the artists and their work featured on TV.”

The 2010 St. Louis Art Fair

How has C.E.L. been able to attract so much publicity for the St. Louis Art Fair the last two years? Both Carol and Kari Logan have worked in media, and they are experts at knowing what stories matter to the media and how to position them. “Pitching is a real strategy,” said Carol. “You can’t just blanket all of the major members of the local media and expect much coverage. Established relationships and a solid reputation with the media will bring you much more success.”

What was Carol’s favorite part of the art fair? “I loved seeing the excitement of the artists when they realize their ability to get attention for their talents, and then see it lead to success for them,” said Carol. “They’re great people to talk to because so many of them have creative, insightful perspectives on life.”

Thanks to everyone who had a part in this year’s art fair, making it a must-see in St. Louis! It definitely makes the perfect closing for summer.

Published on: September 29, 2010