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Spreading the News

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As fall approaches, the media starts setting their sites on new angles on old, but stable stories that they always cover at this time of year. Back to school, change in season and temperatures are a couple examples of old news becoming new again. Now is a good time to see if you have a news hook that can bring the media to your door. If you can’t tie into fall, start planning for the rest of this year and into 2010. You most likely have a story to share and remember; the best news angles are not always obvious. Dig below the surface to find what merits special attention and then prepare to “pitch” your story to the press. Do your homework. Research the best target reporter, define your key messages and present them in a clear and concise way. Email is the best way to make your first connection and then follow up with a phone call. Then, brush up your interviewing skills.

A mirror is a good way to reflect on your abilities!

For more detailed information, check out the article I wrote for the August issue of HVACR Business magazine.

~ Kari Logan

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Spreading the News

Published on: August 24, 2009