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Deb Slomskowski
Enrichment Manager for Wayzata Community Education

Our new Wayzata Community Education Spring catalog is beautiful and it’s getting results. CEL did an incredible job on it from start to finish. The process was smooth and the return on our investment is incredible.

Combining our youth and adult enrichment catalogs into one has had a significant impact. We went from reaching 4500 households, with only elementary age students, to 31,000, with students of all ages.

The online version of the catalog had 439 page views within the first 40 days after release. Within the same time frame, the Youth/Adult Fall Catalog had 1,091 views. This is a 248% increase over the last catalog. The duration of viewing is also up by 25 seconds, or about 6%.

Registrations have increased as well. Within the first 40 days since the catalog release, we have seen an 8.45% increase in youth enrollment, and a 17.3% increase in adult enrollment over last year at this time!


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