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Organgutan’s sip hot chocolate!

This morning, the Today Show reported that it is so unusually cold in Miami
that Miami Zoo staff has given the orangutans hot chocolate and a warm

Now, the visual of this in my head has made me giggle out loud several times
already today. Those adorable little faces on heads popping out from a cozy
blanket holding a mug of Swiss Miss brings a smile to my face. It also
brought a public relations thought to my head, as these things typically do.
What a great move for the Miami Zoo to release this information to the
press! It shows their commitment to caring for their animals and I guarantee
that Floridians will race to the zoo today to catch a live glimpse!

Sometimes the most instinctive and basic acts of care and kindness make the
best news coverage and the best public relations.

I wonder if the orangutans prefer marshmallows in their hot chocolate?!

~ Kari Logan

Published on: January 7, 2010