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Nexstar® Super Meeting Will Top the Charts

C.E.L. team members are traveling south for an exciting event. Our own Media Specialist Kari Logan gives a preview of what is ahead as C.E.L. heads to the Volunteer State!

I’m putting on my boots and heading to Nashville, Tennessee to help Nexstar Top the Charts with their Greatest Hits – Tools for Top Performance.

More than 200 residential plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical contractors from across the continent will gather in the home of the Grand Ole Opry to learn about the top 20% of high impact management activities that can make 80% of the difference in their business. They will get insight from experts and from their peers.

In preparation for this event, C.E.L. went inside three Nexstar member businesses – Burton, Applewood and Plumbline –  and produced video segments that capture their success with high impact management. From daily huddle meetings to daily training in the shop and in the truck with Skyping technology, these companies make their revenue goals daily, weekly, month and annually.

Social media is another tool for top performance and in Nashville, Caroline Melberg, our collaborating partner in our Social Media Incubator (SMI), will present a pre-conference seminar entitled, Get Strategic About Social Media.

Within this workshop, contractors will learn how to use social media sites to grow their business, with measurable bottom-line results.

While in Nashville, my business partner Cindy Leines and I will facilitate an on-site press conference with Nexstar members and editors from industry trade publications while Chelsea Janke coordinators our booth within the strategic partner TradeShow.

It will be an action-packed four days that will help Nexstar members get Rapid Results for Business!

We’ll be sure to follow up with Kari, Cindy and Chelsea to hear more details about the exciting event. Bon Voyage!






Published on: October 11, 2011