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May Day is a Basket Designed for Fun Surprises

MayBasketToday is May Day, although the “wintery mix” as it’s being called by local weather forecasters is making it look more like February Day.

May Day evokes a happy childhood memory for me. My mom brought my big sister and me into the spirit of the holiday at a young age and from there, we sparked a memorable tradition in our neighborhood.

Every year, my mother would haul out a thick book of wallpaper samples, pipe cleaners and Scotch tape. “Roll the paper into a cone shape,” she said. “And then will add the pipe cleaner for a handle.” Once the “May baskets” were complete, we filled them with candy and ran out the back door

Soon, Lori and I arrive at Curt and Peter’s house. We sneak up very inconspicuously, place the May basket on the knob on their front door, ring the bell and run!!!!

“Run faster,” Lori said to her little sister. “Or you’re going to get kissed!” You see, once Curt and Peter heard the bell, their mission was to run out the door, catch and kiss us before we made it back to our house. Next up….Linda and Bobby’s house!

I’m quite certain that Curt and Peter moved slowly to the door. After all, what boy wants to kiss girls from the neighborhood, and besides, either way, they got the candy!!

I handed down the May Day tradition to my daughter and she vows to do the same with her children because it’s fun, it makes people smile and although I didn’t realize it at the time, it helps unite neighborhoods.

What are you doing for May Day? Leave a little surprise for a loved one or co-worker and see what happens!

~ Kari Logan, Co-owner & Media Relations Specialist

Published on: May 1, 2013