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Finding Kindness in Public Relations

Our own Media Relations Specialist Kari Logan shared a recent experience that reinforced her value of kindness within customer service.

Today, I was reminded once again of the power of PR. I entered the University of  Minnesota Medical Center with my husband, where he was scheduled for knee surgery at 8am. We were greeted by a kind young man seated behind a large desk. He then introduced us to a smiling volunteer with a cheery disposition who personally escorted us to the surgery center. At the surgery center, we were handed off to a friendly and competent woman who checked us in and made sure we were comfortable.

After 15 minutes, a smiling nurse named Diane led my husband to the surgery prep room and told me I would be welcome to join him momentarily. I knew he was in good hands. Why? Because good public relations took my fears away. The hospital has made human kindness a mandatory job requirement from the welcome to the wheeling down the hall to the operating room.

Is kindness a strategy in your business? It’s not expensive. It shouldn’t take any training if your new hires possess it and it can result in a happier and more productive workplace.

Today, I was reminded that it’s the little things that make a difference in a customer service experience. I was also reminded that sincerity is essential.

As co-owner of CEL and a media relations specialist, I’m tuned into verbal and non-verbal PR, and I immediately feel it in a positive or negative way when I walk into a room. Have you ever been in an environment where you felt like the energy was being drained out of your body? We’ve all experienced the effects of negativity and absence of kindness.

We have a client who requires all employees to present a positive attitude. It’s a job requirement, and I can tell you my spirits are lifted every time I walk into that client’s office.

I encourage you to make kindness a conscious part of your workday. I also encourage you to acknowledge it in your family, friends and co-workers.

Published on: April 18, 2012