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Don’t get caught in the eye of the Tiger!

I continue to hear news reports on Tiger Woods and his attempt to rehabilitate himself from an alleged sexual addiction. The media claims his world is falling apart around him. My response to that is we all make choices and when we make bad ones, we may have to suffer some bad consequences. As my mother used to say, “You made your bed and now you have to lie in it.” However, today, I heard a news report on how Tigers actions and the subsequent fall out is impacting the PGA Tour and how they are looking at cutting their ticket price in half in order to draw a crowd.

This is a good lesson to businesses and organizations on putting all of the eggs of your brand in one basket. The PGA can’t change the fact that the best golfer draws the biggest crowd, but their marketing/pr strategy should be diverse and designed to promote all of their core competencies. The PGA was around long before Tiger Woods was born and love for the game runs rampant around the world! There’s a rich history and there is a bright future with up and coming golfers. Why do people buy tickets to the tour? The value of the experience goes beyond Tiger Woods, but have we been sold on that value or just on catching a glimpse of the Tiger whose wild side has caused him to mauled by the media?!

If you’re getting a lot of play with a celebrity spokesperson, newsworthy CEO or a hot attention-getting product, make sure you’re planning ahead in case one of those promotional tools fizzles out. Continue to sell the core of your business, your expertise, dedication, ethics, and your commitment to service.

~ Kari Logan

Published on: February 4, 2010