I used to do video game reviews as a reporter and received copies of games a month before launch for review… I got paid to play games!

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With more than 20 years of communications experience, Brian is outgoing, accomplished, creative, and he has a passion for education, diversity and inclusion, social justice and lifelong learning. With a career foundation forged by his days as a journalist, Brian employs his diverse background, wit and sometimes charm to get the job done. Brian’s dedication to excellence is the reason he has received over 30 communications awards and was named the 2017 Illinois National School Public Relations Association Distinguished Communicator. He is a brand innovator and has spearheaded several successful award-winning communications, media, and public relations campaigns, publications and initiatives. During his illustrious career Brian has worked with national education leaders, acclaimed medical researchers, celebrities, community groups and activists, government leadership, opinion leaders, professional athletes, teachers, parents, students, animals and more.


A proud Iowan and sax player, Brian has a love of jazz music, which provides the perfect background of blended layers of soul soothing sound when he’s honing his grill master skills on the deck year around to the palatal delight of neighbors.


  • Chicago Public Relations Society of America
  • Public Relations Society of America
  • Chicago Black Public Relations Society
  • Illinois National School Public Relations Society (INSPRA)
  • Greater Chicago INSPRA Regional Director
  • National School Public Relations (Diversity Committee)
  • National Association of Black Journalists
  • Alpha Phi Alpha member

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