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Beauty Lab

Picking up shop, rebranding and moving to a new location can be tricky, but The Beauty Lab in Golden Valley, Minnesota needed a facelift. For several years, they had served clients well with hair and nail care in their small space, but they were losing appointments to salons that offered spa services. They understood that moving to a new salon space was more than a relocation, it could be a transformation, so they called on CEL Marketing | PR | Design for an attention-getting and profitable relocation marketing plan.



Grounded in values of nature and science, The Beauty Lab’s new logo paired a lab beaker with the face of natural beauty. The bubbling inside the beaker represented rejuvenating energy, accentuated with a nature green brand color.  This green energy was carried through the move in design and a campaign message: The Beauty Lab is open and bubbling with energy!


A new location meant a transformation for The Beauty Lab. Exciting current clients about new services was key: service and care will only get better in the new space. CEL created a detailed creative campaign. The tool kit included announcements, promotions, a VIP experience, in-store signage and marketing collateral – all delivered with a detailed timeline for implementation.

A creative, effective and lasting return on the investment: Years later The Beauty Lab continues to serve a long list of customers within their salon | spa | store in Golden Valley—still grounded in nature and science.

  • Our marketing partner since 2015

    “CEL has taken care of all of our marketing needs and more since 2015. They keep us current and relevant to our patients and help us attract new patients. They save us time and energy with our marketing and public relations and track results to measure our return on investment.”

    – Annette Steffens, Southdale ObGyn

  • CEL has provided us with the tools and support to crystallize our brand and value. It is more than just marketing.

    They (CEL) helped us refine and re-define who we are and why we do what we do. Their listening, creativity and deliverables kept us thriving in tough economic times for our industry.

    – Sarah Kaelberer, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, President – Business & Estate Advisers, Inc.

  • I’ve hired CEL to promote my events since 1999…There is no better company.

    Together, we re-positioned the Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis and took the Saint Louis Art Fair to a new level of success with local and national media coverage. In addition to drawing a crowd, the media focus they place on individual artists has helped attract high-level professional artists and qualified buyers. Always prepared, CEL’s crisis communications are extraordinaire.

    – Cindy Lerick, Former Executive Director of Uptown Association, Mpls and Former Executive Director of Cultural Festivals Saint Louis, MO.