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Beauty and the Best: Creating Brand Identity

CEL Media Relations Specialist Kari Logan shared her thoughts about recent client work that shows the power a brand can have.

Over the past couple of months, the CEL team was creating a new logo, brand identity and grand opening marketing strategy for The Beauty Lab. I learned a lot about the business of hair, skin and body. I learned about how health and wellness should be at the core of a good salon and spa. Most importantly, I learned that sometimes people go beyond the basics for beauty. Kathryn Simpson is one of those people.

Kathryn is owner of The Beauty Lab, a new salon and spa in Golden Valley, MN. In addition to being a skilled industry professional, Kathryn has a life mission of bringing people happiness, love and joy. And, she teaches her technicians to do the same in addition to unleashing inner and outer beauty.

Kathryn’s products and practices are grounded in nature and science, but her values are grounded something far deeper and that’s what makes her truly successful.

Clients walk into Kathryn’s business knowing that their care will go beyond the ends of a comb and clipper or the depth of a relaxing massage. They will be educated, revitalized and energized.

I wish The Beauty Lab great success as the bring inner and outer beauty to the surface in the care of people who work with their hands and with their hearts.

What brand or business has recently made an impact on you?

Published on: June 21, 2012