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Augsburg College

Augsburg College retained C.E.L. to place them in the media spotlight. The liberal arts college had not received the attention of the media. The media attention was intended to place Augsburg College with more visibility and enhance recruitment of prospective students, and support the development department scholarship and capital campaign efforts. C.E.L. unveiled opportunities for many stories to be told about their high achieving students, renowned faculty and top-notch programs.

Augsburg Admissions and Development were not attracting students and funds to improve offerings at Augsburg College. President Pribbenow felt the college lacked a local and global media presence.

Augsburg felt they lacked the expertise in attracting media attention and had immediate potential for two great stories, one of which if released, could draw national media attention to the college. Turn to C.E.L. and Augsburg alum Kari Logan to make it happen. Within days, C.E.L. was leading the charge towards a press conference announcing Augsburg’s partnership with the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars for the 2008 Republican National Convention. The partnership was a once in a lifetime opportunity and Augsburg was chosen
because of their strong commitment to service learning and civic engagement. It would provide an opportunity for students to get hands-on experience within the convention and educators and community leaders an invitation to participate in seminars presented by notable people from across the country.

In the weeks that followed, C.E.L. ensued on a media campaign surrounding the epic story on the Augsburg campus that could revolutionize fuel production world wide….the discovery of biodiesel fuel made from feed stock oils. C.E.L. determined that the magnitude of the story warranted another press conference, which we strategically staged in the biology lab where Augsburg student Brian Krohn had made the discovery during a summer internship program.

The C.E.L. team proudly secured media coverage of the announcement of the Washington Center/ Augsburg partnership on four local television stations, two radio stations and feature stories in the Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, and community newspapers. The story also ran on countless media websites.

C.E.L. packed the lab with media from across the Twin Cities for the biodiesel press conference, resulting in more than 40 local media hits and a national story on ABC Good Morning America.

Augsburg President Paul Pribbenow, faculty, staff and the Board of Regents applauded C.E.L.’s ability to uncover media angles and consistently secure an unprecedented amount of media coverage for the college on a monthly basis. C.E.L. became a trusted advisor for internal and external communications and crisis media relations.

Published on: February 12, 2012