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3 Things Businesses can Learn from Pilgrim PR

3 Things Businesses can Learn from Pilgrim PR

When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, there must have been media there. How else could the story have been captured, liked and shared for so many years?! Only birds were “tweeting” that day, but the stories somehow got out without the help of Snapchat and Instagram. It’s baffling.

Images of William Bradford and close to 50 followers have been posted in history books for centuries. And, their likeness has been captured with Tempera Paint and colored paper and made into Thanksgiving decorations. The reality is they formed group chats with Native Americans who saved them from freezing to death and their experience was filled with emoji’s; I mean emotion.

Pilgrim PR was abundant at Plymouth Rock and as we head to the table to fill our plates on a day deeply rooted in their experience, let’s talk about what we learned from one of the first acts of public relations in the new world.

  1. Tell your story using the multiple tools available today
    What would have happened if those at the table at the first Thanksgiving hadn’t shared their story with details of their experience? What’s your story? What do you offer abundantly to your clients? What are they feasting on from the success of your products and/or services?
  2. Build relationships
    It wasn’t about “me” at Plymouth Rock, it was about “we” and what we can do together. The Pilgrims shared their meal with Native Americans and in return, the Native Americans taught them how to survive. Sharing ideas, skills, data bases and other resources can serve up success at a whole new level.
  3. Be innovative
    William Bradford made history and he didn’t have a computer, a smart phone or a marketing/PR budget. How can you utilize the tools you have to bring your message to the marketplace in a creative, effective and lasting way? Who knows, you could make history.

Published on: November 22, 2016