An effective and efficient example of multi-generational marketing. An automated, but personal approach.

This personal experience comes to you from a member of our CEL team:

During a recent teeth cleaning, I was told that the time had come to fill some cavities. Allowing myself to go into denial, I managed to completely put the need to schedule an appointment on the back burner.

While most clinics will request that you schedule the next appointment prior to leaving “for your convenience,” I knew my schedule was just too tight in the coming months to add 2-3 hours of absentee time from my life.

And so, over the next couple months, I received the following marketing materials and messages from my dentist:

  • A thank you email for choosing them as my dental care provider (2-3 days post visit)
  • A reminder text and email regarding the need to schedule my follow up care
  • A hand written letter thanking me for choosing them as my dental care provider (2 weeks post visit)
  • A hand written letter on a tooth reminding me to schedule my follow up care. (4 week outs)
  • A text message with the number to remind me to schedule my follow up care (6 weeks out)

I’m not sure how many more messages I would have received, but the text message with the reminder and phone number was the winning conversion.

During my cavity filling appointment, while waiting for my mouth to numb, I discussed with my dentist his marketing efforts and discovered it was a totally automated approach. His staff received notifications when a hand written letter was due and when to send patients either an email or text via their software program. Best part, they could 100% track when and how I converted in an effort to customize the approach for next time I needed an appointment.

So, regardless of my age or gender, they kept their clinic top of mind and effectively moved forward with efficiency.

Whether the message needs to reach a generation where a hand written letter still resonates, a Gen XR who wants to quickly follow up and click to add the appointment to their calendar, or everyone’s favorite, the millennial who responds to a text message with click to call, they successfully captured the breadth of generations.

This why our company and many others continue to recommend an automated, multi-generational approach to drive conversions.